Incorporation Packages




    +State Fee



    +State Fee



    +State Fee

The incorporation packages* include:




Preliminary Corporation Name Check

Filing of Articles of Incorporation

Personalized Bylaws (Includes Provisions That Help Protect Directors and Officers From Liability)

Action by Written Consent of Incorporator

Resolutions of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors

(Includes Banking Resolutions)

20 Customized Stock Certificates


Incorporation Kit Embossed with Your Company Name


Official Corporate Seal


Corporate Minutes Forms


Stock Transfer Ledger


Completion of Federal Tax Id (Ein) Application



Completion of Subchapter S Election (S Corporation Status)



*Incorporation kits may be purchased in your name from incorporation businesses. The Law Offices of Scott E. Marshall will customize forms included in ordered kits as you direct. We reserve the right to draft documents and/or customize documents purchased from any incorporation businesses. The Law Offices of Scott E. Marshall provides legal services only. The cost of any formation package, including sales tax, may be a variable legal cost incurred by attorney and is included in the fixed package prices. Any unlisted forms or promotional products or services purchased from incorporation businesses will be passed on to you with your package whenever possible. All attorney fees are subject to change by attorney without notice. Prices may differ in cases of full attorney representation.