Adoption by Stepparent Package Deal


Package Deal Price:*

$1800 each child

Package Details :

Completion of all documents necessary for your uncontested adoption.
Review of local court rules, forms, and procedures.
Complete step-by-step instructions.
Delivery of all documents by email or regular mail.

Your Estimated Out of Pocket Costs:**

Petition for Adoption Fee:    $20 for each petition
Stepparent Adoption Investigation Fee:    TBD (Set County by County)
Miscellaneous Copy Charges



*All attorney fees are subject to change by attorney without notice. Prices do not include any costs, eg., filing fees, service fees, postage, etc. All court documents prepared for you In Pro Per. Prices may differ in cases of full attorney representation.

** Certain counties impose a surcharge on first paper filing fees. Known counties imposing surcharges include Riverside, San Bernadino, and San Francisco. Court fees quoted are estimated for reference purposes only. Actual fees may vary.