Evictions (Unlawful Detainer)


What do you charge to do an eviction?

We give you choices. The prices vary depending on whether you want full representation or document preparation services. We will prepare the paperwork in your name if you prefer to keep your expenses to the bare minimum. With some exceptions, this can be done no matter where your property is located in the State of California. You can order these services online.


If your property is located in Tulare, Kings, or Fresno County, we offer full attorney representation.

What kind of Evictions do you handle?

We handle all types of evictions: residential, commercial, mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks.

Are you experienced?

Attorney Scott E. Marshall has represented owners and management companies for over 29 years. He has personally handled hundreds of cases through judgment.

How do all those online and other eviction typing services work?

These services often claim that every case is handled by an attorney. They may have a relationship with an attorney, who's name goes on the paperwork, but the unspoken secret is that most of the time, if you are not dealing with a law firm, your paperwork is probably not being prepared or initially reviewed by an attorney. The people helping you are (1) probably practicing law without a licence and (2) not properly trained. They may be "legal document assistants" or "unlawful detainer assistants" or "independent paralegals," or a combination of the aforementioned, but they are not legally allowed to give you any advice at all. They must prepare forms in accordance with your specific legal direction. (See Business and Professions Code sec. 6400-6416). These non-attorney's are essentially supposed to be typists. The most they can legally do is give you a book or pamphlet written by an attorney. Of course they don't - and this is where you are put at risk. The "attorney" on your paperwork may not ever see your case until it is time for trial. In many cases, the trial attorney will be a contract attorney from your area, not the attorney whose name appears on the paperwork. If you want us to represent you outside our geographic practice area, we will, on a case by case basis - but we will tell you up front if we will be hiring a contract attorney from your area for trial. The difference is that we will make sure the attorney is informed about your case before he appears in court.

Am I allowed to represent myself?

Sure, as long as you are not a legal entity like a corporation, LLC or partnership.

Can I bring my eviction action in Small Claims Court?

No. You can't bring an eviction action in Small Claims Court in the State of California.