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UNCONTESTED EVICTIONS: $1499.00, plus costs*

CONTESTED EVICTIONS:  $2499.00, plus costs*

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NOTICE TO LANDLORDS:  NEW 2020 - 2021 STATE LAWS IN CALIFORNIA, LOCAL ORDINANCES,  AND FEDERAL LAWS/ORDERS MAY AFFECT YOUR RIGHT TO EVICT, OR THE PROCEDURES WHICH MUST BE FOLLOWED IN ORDER TO LEGALLY EVICT.   California passed AB 1482 which went into effect on January 1, 2020, AB 3088 which went into effect on August 31, 2020, SB 91 which extended protection under AB 3088, and AB 832 which further extended eviction protections.  The federal CARES may impact eviction requirements.     All cases must be reviewed for compliance with new laws.  This is a time consuming process and there is a minimum 1 hour paid consultation prior to the filing of any eviction action. 

  • You've found a fast and experienced eviction attorney with over 33 years experience and hundreds and hundreds of successful evictions!  
  • Warning!  Unlawful Detainer statutes require strict compliance.  Simple mistakes can DESTROY your case and be very costly in time and money.    
  • Non-attorney document preparers cannot represent you at court or give you legal advice.
  • Court can be frightening and stressful - Attorney Marshall will prepare and protect you and help alleviate your fears before you step into the court room.  
  • It's your property - Get it back under your control!

Approximately how much will an Eviction cost? *

Court Filing Fee:    

$240.00   (under $10,000 Limited Civil )  + xtra $15 in some cases
GC 70603(a)(2)

Writ of Possession:
$  40.00

Sheriff Eviction Fee:


Service of Eviction Notices/Summons & Complaint:

$ 45.00 - $65.00  for each per adult occupant (Estimated and depends on location of property)

 Unlawful Detainer Attorney Fee

See Above

Approximately how long does an Eviction take?

Every case is different, but  an ordinary case to is estimated to take from 6-15 weeks.  (Time may be longer during COVID-19 era).  

* Stated attorney fees and cost estimates are for a standard case and are subject to change without notice at any time prior to completion of an attorney client fee agreement. The fee for uncontested cases (as defined in attorney-client agreement),  does not include a monetary judgment following a judgment for possession only.  The fees do not include consultation fees prior to eviction filing. Unquoted incidental costs may be incurred. Attorney fees quoted above do not include possible additional charges for eviction notice preparation, legal research,  review of evidence beyond complaint exhibits,  depositions, motion work, defense attorney contacts, other 3rd party contacts, discovery work, settlement work beyond one hour, court appearance beyond one hour, post-trial paperwork, post-settlement paperwork, motion, motion defenses, hearings, or appeals.   There is a $1000.00 surcharge for cases set for jury trials. Rates apply to a first case for new clients only and for a limited time.  Ask attorney for details.  Rates do not apply to unlawful detainers after foreclosure.   Contact attorney for post foreclosure eviction rates.  Attorney fee in contested cases includes up to an hour at court for trial.  Attorney cannot guarantee results.  Rates only available for accepted clients mentioning this ad prior to attorney/client agreement. 

This webpage is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as an offer and does not create any attorney client relationship with the reader.

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