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  • Can you do the paperwork to form a California corporation?

    Yes. We can prepare all the paperwork to assist you in getting your C or S corporation up and running. We can order a nice corporate kit, corporate seal, stock certificates and a stock ledger. We can help you get a federal tax identification number, or even a sales permit if you need one.

    Once we get into the incorporation process, we'll talk about a name for the business, the declared purpose of the business, the Articles of Incorporation (including any special provisions in the Articles such as requiring the corporation to indemnify and hold harmless its officers and directors from any actions they take on behalf of the corporation), the agent for service of process, the incorporator, the number of directors, the type of corporation you need, the S corporation election, the number and value of shares to be issued.

    We'll also talk about some post-filing issues like the filing of the California Limited Offering Exemption (Cal. Corp Code sec. 25102f), the required filing of a Statement of Information for domestic stock corporations, and some California tax issue.

    Can you provide post-incorporation services?

    Yes. Running a business can be a challenge. Whether you need help drafting documents, minutes, or other types of legal assistance, we can consult with you and assist on a case-by-case or issue-by-issue basis.